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OMG! I'm the Grown-up!

Welcome to my podcast, OMG! I'm the Grown-up!  Being on a care journey with my mother taught me an invaluable lesson, care-giving is what you do for your loved one; giving-care is what you do for both of you.  


Family care-givers are frequently encouraged to “take care of yourself”.  However, they’re infrequently given “how to” strategies for doing so.  


During the past 12 years, I’ve learned that the hardest part of my role isn’t performing tasks and navigating healthcare systems.  It’s performing additional tasks while feeling everything I’m feeling.  OMG! I'm the Grown-up! helps family care-givers enhance their “soft skills” necessary for addressing the emotional part of caring for a loved one and themselves.

Headshot of caregiving consultant, Dr. Sheri L. Yarbrough and her book titled OMG! I'm the Grown-up featured in the background
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