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About the Book

OMG! I’m the Grown-Up! A Conversation on Giving-Care to a Loved One…and Yourself is a road map for managing the interpersonal ups and downs of caring for a loved one.  Taking a care journey through dementia has taught me that the most difficult part of caring for a loved one is doing everything that has to be done while feeling everything that you’re feeling. 


My book introduces the Praxis for Care, a strategy for navigating the interpersonal ups and downs of caring for a loved one. The Praxis for Care has three goals: 1) help people caring for a loved one make decisions and take actions that are satisfying to both people; 2) do the best one can do within the circumstances at hand; and most importantly 3) live life fully with no regrets.  This book engages care-givers in self-reflection exercises for creating a care relationship that meets the needs of both the care-giver and care recipient. 


The Praxis for Care encourages care-givers to think about what they want from the care relationship then develop a plan to actualize it.  By focusing their attention on controlling the controllable, their own actions, the Praxis for Care enables care-givers to move their past out of the way in order to address the needs of the moment so that they can move forward on their care journey. 

Dr. Sheri L. Yarbrough, caregiving consultant, holding her book titled OMG! I'm the Grown-Up.
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