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Where To Buy Canyon Road Wine

Canyon Road draws its name and its inspiration from the scenic roads which wind their way through the world-famous wine country to California. The winemaker in charge of this winery, Rafael Jacinto Jofre, sources grapes from all over California to craft the fine wines offered by Canyon Road. This line was made specifically with food in mind, which each wine intended to play along with and draw out the flavours in a variety of different food items.

where to buy canyon road wine

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Inspired by the scenic roads that wander through California's stunning wine country, Canyon Road's winemaker, Rafael Jofre, crafts beautifully structured wines that express true varietal character. Canyon Road Cabernet Sauvignon is richly flavorful with hints of ripe raspberry and a velvety smooth finish.

McClain Cellars is an amazing new winery from the Santa Ynez Valley. What makes them different from other wineries in Santa Barbara or Orange County is where the wine is made and where it comes from. Founded by Jason & Sofia McClain, McClain Cellars grows, harvests, and makes all of its wine in the Santa Ynez Valley. After it is bottled and ready to release, they bring all the wine to Orange County where it is released to the public. 041b061a72


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