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Million family caregivers


Family caregivers in the workforce


Caregivers experience

work-related difficulties

Providing Solutions for Working Caregivers

Our solutions help caregivers maintain overall well-being while managing their career and home life.


Provide in depth learning opportunities for caregivers to meet the care needs of their loved ones.  


Practical, easily applied strategies for family caregivers, tailored to meet organizational needs.


Working Caregivers Need Support

Our current generation of caregivers are balancing the needs of their loved ones with work responsibilities, child care, and more.


As millennials take on the role of caring for their aging parents, the number of caregivers in the workforce will continue to increase.

Traditional caregiving education focuses on the practical: preparing meals, administering medications, and so on. They are focused on the loved one who needs care. They are practical and necessary.

But what about the caregiver?

Family caregivers are faced with:

  • Juggling multiple roles

  • Neglect of personal health and well-being

  • Emotional tolls of caring for a loved one


Working family caregivers need tools that support them on a deeper level.

Our workshops and courses are designed to help caregivers center themselves in the care journey to continue to succeed in every role in their lives.

The Praxis for Care

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The Praxis for Care gives family caregivers a tool for embracing and managing emotions so that they can set attainable goals, reframe time management, and implement leadership development for navigating their role. 


It helps working family caregivers identify what they need to manage the demands of working while caring.


Workshops and courses designed for the specific needs of working family caregivers

Our customized solutions help family caregivers:

  • Feel empowered to pursue their career goals while still managing multiple roles

  • Maintain their physical health and well-being

  • Address the emotional effects of caring for a loved one

Created by a Family Caregiver for Family Caregivers

Our Founder, Dr. Sheri L. Yarbrough, knows first-hand the challenges faced by today's caregivers and has developed practical solutions that help meet their needs on a deeper level.

Products at Praxis Senior Care- Giving Solutions help family care-givers set goals and create strategies that help ease the burden of managing multiple roles.

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Headshot of author and caregiving consultant Dr. Sheri Yarbrough

About Our Founder

Dr. Sheri L. Yarbrough's 13 years of experience as a family care-giver have taught her the importance of including herself and her needs in the care journey with her mother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's dementia.


During her career, Dr. Yarbrough has developed change management strategies for educational and non-profit organizations. Her Ph.D. in Educational Policy Studies was an invaluable tool for managing the interpersonal changes to the relationship with her mother.


The Praxis for Care is the foundation for her motto: care-giving is what you do for your loved one; giving-care is what you do for both of you. She created her business to give family care-givers a resource for navigating the demands of caring for a loved one. 

Read the Blog 

Living the Praxis for Care chronicles Dr. Yarbrough's journey as a working dementia caregiver and provides invaluable tips and insights for other caregivers.

Listen to the Podcast 

Straight Talk for Giving-Care shares stories and life lessons learned to help family caregivers create a journey that is satisfying for both people.

More from

Dr. Yarbrough

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Read the Book

OMG! I’m the Grown-Up! A Conversation on Giving-Care to a Loved One…and Yourself is a road map for managing the interpersonal ups and downs of caring for a loved one.

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