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About the Book

OMG! I’m the Grown-Up! A Conversation on Giving-Care to a Loved One...And Yourself shares the story about how a journey through Alzheimer’s dementia led to a strategy that transformed a mother-daughter relationship.  Before becoming her mother’s primary care-giver, Dr. Yarbrough and her mother didn’t get along very well. They learned that the best way to get along was to live separately.  However, the arrival of Alzheimer’s dementia and a detour through breast cancer challenged her to choose how she wanted to live.

This book provides care-givers with a strategy for navigating care journeys, the Praxis for Care.  Through self-reflection exercises, the care-giver will identify what they need to continue caring for a loved one and develop a plan for doing so. 

Dr. Sheri L. Yarbrough, caregiving consultant, holding her book titled OMG! I'm the Grown-Up.
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Introducing the Praxis for Care

My book introduces the Praxis for Care, a strategy that has 3 goals:


  1. Help people caring for a loved one make decisions and take actions that are satisfying to both people

  2. Do the best one can do within the circumstances at hand

  3. Live life fully with no regrets. 

This book engages care-givers in self-reflection exercises for creating a care relationship that meets the needs of both the care-giver and care recipient. 


The Praxis for Care encourages care-givers to think about what they want from the care relationship then develop a plan to actualize it. 

Quite revealing, honest and encouraging about the care we give to our parents and to ourselves. If you’re struggling and feel all alone, this is the book for you!
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