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Care-giving is what you do for your loved one; giving-care is what you do for both of you.

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What is Praxis Senior Care-Giving Solutions?

Praxis Senior Care-Giving Solutions is a consulting firm run by a family care-giver for family care-givers. Becoming a family care-giver changes the relationship between two independent adults into one where an independent person becomes dependent on someone else. It’s a change that is difficult for both care recipient and care-giver. Praxis’s founder and owner, Dr. Sheri L. Yarbrough uses her experience as a family care-giver to support other family care-givers as they manage the demands of caring for a loved one through her blog, her book, OMG! I’m the Grown-Up! A Conversation on Giving-Care to a Loved One…and Yourself, online workshops, and courses. Her approach to caring for a loved one centers on including the needs of care-givers into the care journey. That belief is the genesis for Praxis’s motto: care-giving is what you do for your loved one; giving-care is what you do for both of you. Becoming a family care-giver is like riding a teeter-totter, where one is constantly moving between their needs and those of a loved one.

The arrival of a loved one’s care needs creates an unexpected, fundamental life change most people don’t see coming. After more than 10 years of journeying through dementia with her mother taught Dr. Yarbrough three fundamental lessons:

  • The hardest part of caring for a loved one is doing everything you have to do while feeling everything that you’re feeling

  • You are an integral part of the care relationship

  • You can choose how to live your journey

Creating a sense of order in the presence of unexpected or disruptive life demands is a challenge many family care-givers struggle to meet. Often times, family care-givers get
completely focused on meeting their loved one’s care needs. As a result, family care-givers can overlook what they need in order continue providing care. Products at Praxis Senior Care- Giving Solutions help family care-givers set goals and create strategies for managing a loved one’s care needs while meeting their own needs.

About the Author
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Headshot of author and caregiving consultant Dr. Sheri Yarbrough

Dr. Sheri L. Yarbrough

During Dr. Sheri L. Yarbrough's career prior to becoming a family care-giver, she developed change management strategies for educational and non-profit organizations. She earned her Ph.D. in Educational Policy Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her education as a policy analyst was an invaluable tool for managing the interpersonal changes to the relationship with her mother. Dr. Yarbrough's decade long experience as a family care-giver has taught Dr. Yarbrough the importance of including herself and her needs in the care journey with her mother. Dr. Yarbrough’s ability to view a circumstance from multiple perspectives became the genesis for her Praxis for Care. The Praxis for Care is a strategy that helps family care-givers identify what they need in order to meet the needs of a loved one. The Praxis for Care is the foundation for her motto: care-giving is what you do for your loved one; giving-care is what you do for both of you. She created her business to give family care-givers a resource for navigating the demands of caring for a loved one. 

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