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Christmas Decorations and Holiday Thoughts

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Well, the Christmas season is here, and recently I've been engaging in one of my favorite Christmas time activities: decorating my house. I love visualizing and planning how I want the house to look, so when I'm pulling out all of my decorations, it just makes me so happy.

While I was pulling out my decorations that I'm going to use for my house, I started thinking about my aunt. She's 98, and she hasn't been feeling very well, but she loves Christmas time and Christmas decorations. So I decided to take a few things that I'm not going to be using over to her house.

In keeping with my kiss the holiday theme, I decided to do a few simple things just to brighten up her living room. I covered her coffee table with a Christmas tablecloth and then added a small desktop artificial Christmas tree to give it some brightness in the room. I also added a few throw pillows, bright red throw pillows for the couch.

For the front door, I used one of my favorite decorations. It says Merry Christmas in brass and has a very large red bow with three big brass bells on them. As I was hanging it, she smiled and said, "I like Christmas bells."

I'm glad I decided to decorate her house. It was a small gesture that had a big impact on where she is during this season. I think I'm going to make that the inspiration for my New Year's resolution. Small gestures, big impact.

It reminds me of that wonderful line from the Peanuts Christmas time is here song. "Oh, that we could always see such spirit through the years." As I wind down this year and start thinking about what I want to do for next year, I'm going to spend some time figuring out how to incorporate that theme into my life going forward. I'll post pictures of my decorations as soon as they're done, and I hope that everyone has a peaceful and safe holiday season.

Be well. Until next time. Dr. Sheri.

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