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JB Video. Nylon PhotoShoot ##VERIFIED##

It was reminiscent of the Dutch tulip craze, when, in the 17th century, a few tulip bulbs could pay for a house on an Amsterdam canal. Today, in a city once known as New Amsterdam, I can buy a bunch of tulips for $12 at my corner bodega. In that same bodega, I can also buy a pair of cheap nylons growing dusty on some unreachable shelf.

JB Video. Nylon PhotoShoot

nasty pesky blood sucking mosquitoes. Is it true? Are some people bitten more? It's true. Everybody asks after a three year study, the scientists at Rockefeller University have discovered one of the reasons why long chain carbon cilic acids. Car box, car, what car box silic acid, which is a fancy technical term for these greasy molecules that live on your skin, bacteria eat those at and create a stink Limburger cheese, you know, stinky cheese, blue cheese feet, foot odor. That's the smell. That's the smell. And some of us smell more than others. Stand out. During the study was subject 33 we found this exceptionally mosquito attractive person. Scientist Maria Elena Della Badia led the research nylons worn by the subjects were placed in a device she built herself. The mosquitoes were drawn to the strongest smell when you put them head to head. It's striking the hope is that these results will improve repellents in new york, mosquitoes are an annoyance, but in much of the world they're spreading deadly diseases like yellow fever and malaria, killing more than 700,000 people a year. Better repellent will save lives for now. Here's some summer barbecue advice. If you hang around with people who are less attractive than you, you'll be the most attractive person at the picnic. What we really need to do is find somebody who stinks more than we do. Absolutely for those unlucky people like subject 33 the scientists say changing soaps or your diet makes no difference. The mosquitoes will find you, Stephanie got NBC News, new york


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