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What Ps4 Headset Should I Buy

There are only upsides to having a good gaming headset, especially for those loyal to the PS4. Whether you want to hear the audio quality of your games more meticulously because your TV speakers leave something to be desired, or you're just trying to avoid disturbing whoever else is living with you, it won't be too difficult to find a situation where a nice headset exponentially improves your gaming experience.

what ps4 headset should i buy

But what are the best gaming headsets for PS4 specifically? Like with most pieces of gaming hardware, the amount of choices available can get overwhelming really quickly. With tons of brands making dozens of headsets of their own that land all over the price spectrum, it's easy to feel the pressure and even get discouraged from buying one at all.

So, let's help you pick out your dream gaming headset for PS4, shall we? Here's what you need to know before we get to our specific recommendations for the PlayStation 4 (because it's still a pain to get your paws on a PS5, even in 2023).

Comfort: If you normally play for multiple hours at a time, you'll want a headset that doesn't hurt your ears after prolonged usage. Prioritize headsets with cushioned ear cups and headbands for long-lasting comfort that won't distract you from your gameplay.

Microphone: First, make sure you know whether or not the headset even has a microphone. We recommend getting one if you play games online. Then, you'll want to see if the input quality of the mic is good, what material it's made out of, and if it's retractable or not (which is a huge plus when it comes to storage).

Wireless headphones have their obvious pros, like convenience and clutter management, but the biggest downside to getting any sort of wireless device is the risk of latency issues, or "lag," as others might call it. In simple terms, when you don't have a wire connecting your headset to your console, there's a bigger chance that the audio feedback coming from that console won't sync with the signal that your headset is receiving.

If wireless functionality is a priority for you, we recommend getting a headset that also has a wired option, although if you get a more high-end Bluetooth headset, you might not have any latency problems at all. The bottom line: If you're going wireless, don't go cheap.

Not everyone has the funds to pick up an ultra-premium gaming headset; most of us probably don't, actually. That's why it's good to have a decent budget option, too, like the HyperX Cloud Stinger(Opens in a new tab).

It also has nice 50mm directional drivers for audio precision, and easy-to-use volume controls built into the headset's ear cups. And like the Sennheiser GSP 370, it has a flip-to-mute microphone with noise-cancelation, which is a super convenient perk.

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro(Opens in a new tab) was our favorite of the wireless headsets that we researched. Yes, it comes in at a premium price, but it is a premium product that's well worth the cash.

The lightweight aluminum alloy and steel headset 2.4G provides lossless audio even while connected via Bluetooth. That means ultra-low latency audio, and the headset's connection can withstand up to 40 feet of interference-free range. The Arctis Pro employs a dual wireless system, enabling you to connect to a second device even while you're hooked up to your console.

Topped off with cozy airweave fabric ear cushions and the acclaimed Arctis ClearCast microphone (which has active background noise-cancelation), the SteelSeries Arctis Pro is an all-around excellent gaming headset that won't disappoint.

While we don't recommend gaming for 100 hours straight, it's nice to know that you hypothetically could if you wanted to. And if you need a little extra juice, you can charge the headset while you use it via USB with no interruptions.

The Sennheiser GSP 370 is a great second choice to the SteelSeries Arctis Pro for those who don't want to have to dish out the big bucks, but just because it's cheaper doesn't mean you're not getting an amazing headset. The GSP 370 is definitely great.

The Nari Ultimate brings unique sound-based features to the table as well, including Razer Hypersense haptic feedback, 360-degree THX spatial audio, and audio mixing customization. The headset also supports wired mode as an added bonus for when you're in a pinch after the battery gives out, or for when you just want a lower-latency experience.

Some reviewers of the Nari Ultimate unfortunately said that the headset's audio quality isn't completely up to par for the price (including microphone output audio), but the overall comfort of the product still makes it a totally viable option.

The 100% wireless headset delivers 7.1 channel DTS Headphone:X surround sound, further adding to the immersion factor while playing PS4. There's even a Superhuman Hearing sound setting, boosting far-away sounds in-game that you might not hear otherwise. More worthwhile additions include a glasses-friendly ear cup design (with cooling gel), audio mixing within the headset itself, dynamic chat boosting, and a flip-to-mute microphone. If your goal is to drown out the outside world and focus solely on your games, the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 is most likely the headset for you.

If you're using a headset, lower the microphone volume. Select the PS button and go to Settings > Sound > Devices > Adjust Microphone Level.

If you're using the LS30 / LS31 with a PS4 and you receive the message that the headset has connected and disconnected over and over again, there may be an issue with the USB ports on the PS4. This issue affects certain model PS4s and will affect any USB headset connected.

Another option is to connect the included 3.5mm chat cable between the controller and the headset. Game audio will still be sent wirelessly as before, but chat audio would come via the 3.5mm cable. To use this setting, please change the PS4 settings as follows:

Picking the best gaming headset can be tricky. Do you want wireless or wired? How about noise-cancelling microphones, or options for add-ons when you start taking your gaming more seriously? It can seem as if the options are endless.

There is nothing more frustrating when you are ready to play on the PS4 and you experience technical issues. If you have tested your STEALTH headset to ensure that it is working correctly, please follow the below instructions to ensure the settings are correct.

While you might want to "cut the cord" and use Bluetooth headphones on your PS4, there's an important caveat: the PS4 uses a special version of Bluetooth for audio, and so most Bluetooth headsets are not compatible.

Some wireless headsets are PS4-compatible by including a dongle which you can plug into the controller or the console. Check your headset instructions and packaging to see if it includes a PS4 dongle.

Wired headsets reliably offer better audio quality because they're receiving the audio frequency directly through the cable. Wireless headsets are prone to interference and latency from outside forces depending on the frequency that they use. A wired connection bypasses the issues. Think of this as being similar to a Wi-Fi connection vs. an Ethernet connection for your internet: The wired Ethernet connection is always going to be more reliable and perform better than Wi-Fi.

Wired headsets also provide better audio quality through the microphone. Many more of them are also compatible with a PlayStation 4, and you won't need to worry about their battery life like you would a wireless headset, which will need to be charged eventually.

A wired headset will typically connect through a 3.5mm jack or USB. When using one that connects through a 3.5mm jack, you'll plug it into your DualShock 4 controller. If it's using USB, you can plug it directly into your console.

Wired is also usually cheaper than wireless depending on the brand and quality. You can still find an expensive wired headset that costs more than some wireless pairs, but in general a wired connection brings down the cost.

For the most part, nearly every headset that uses the aforementioned wired connections should work with PS4. You may run into some issues if the built-in headset microphone is not on the same cord, but there are usually adapters that you can purchase to make the mic functional.

Unfortunately, not every wireless headset is compatible; it all depends what type of wireless connection the headset uses. Most Bluetooth and 2.4GHz connections are compatible with PS4, but some wireless headsets are specifically designed for Xbox One. Some Bluetooth headsets may even require an adapter and dongle for PS4 as well.

Razer's Kraken headset line only gets betterIn terms of budget-friendly wired options, it doesn't get much better than this. It lacks a lot of features that premium headsets have, but it's easily one of the most comfortable out there, and it provides exceptional audio quality to boot.

The headphone jack on the PS4 is a standard 3.5mm jack which begs us to ask the question which headsets are supported with PS4 Controller? Are Apple earbuds supported on the PS4? To answer these questions we will have dive into the rabbit hole.

Cordless headsets are ideal for the active gamer. They keep you from getting tangled up in a cord, and you can get up to grab a snack without ever having to take off your headset. However, if you want fast setup, a corded gaming headset can be nice because you just plug in the USB connector or aux cable and go instead of having to fiddle with pairing the headset to your console or PC. Another perk is that wired headsets do not need to be charged.

Do you spend a lot of time in multiplayer first-person shooters like the Call of Duty series? You're going to want a headset with good audio and a sensitive microphone for strategizing with your team. If you like more traditional console games then communication may not be as important, allowing you to go for a more affordable model. An additional consideration is where you play. Is privacy an issue? A noise-canceling headset may be appreciated by both you and roommates or family members. 041b061a72


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