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Essilor Lens Price List

Varilux lenses Transitions and, Crizal Anti-Reflective coatings all come with certificates of authenticity to ensure our customers are getting authentic lenses and coatings. Our below prices are for lens pairs and if you would like a particularlens not shown on our website email us at

essilor lens price list

Here at, we are proud to offer high-quality name-brand prescription lenses at very affordable prices. Compare our prices to others, and you will see that our Varilux lens prices are the best and quality unmatched. Licensed Opticians fill your prescription eyeglass lens order and goes through a 3 step quality control inspection before shipping.

Premium progressive lenses can get up to $800, while our most expensive progressive lenses are priced at $529. These premium progressive lenses make a very viable eyeglass lens replacement option as they will surely last you a very long time.


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