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Emu Rn To Bsn

Nursing is one of the fastest-growing professions in healthcare, but a specific group of RNs has a distinct advantage when it comes to jobs and promotions: RNs who have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) are more heavily recruited than nurses trained in associate degree or diploma programs.

emu rn to bsn


Research by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing indicates that 86% of employers prefer to hire BSN-prepared RNs. Competition for the best jobs is also tighter for ADN- and diploma-trained nurses as a result, because 64% of RNs already have their BSN degree.

Whether you want a BSN to enhance your nursing practice, raise your professional profile or meet an education requirement at work, studying online is a terrific option. The links below provide a wealth of information about the RN to BSN degree, and the process of earning it online.

The RN to BSN degree is for licensed RNs who have already completed an ADN or diploma program. Coursework builds on the fundamental nursing knowledge and clinical skills RNs must have for their initial licensure, without repeating what they already know. Nurses also gain knowledge in research, leadership and other areas of healthcare that can advance their careers.

BSN RNs are also recruited by hospitals and healthcare systems at a much higher rate than nurses without a four-year degree. This means they have increased opportunity for signing bonuses and other hiring incentives.

Your experience and the quality of care you provide will always influence your earnings too, of course, and the BSN benefits nurses in this way as well. The advanced knowledge and research skills you gain by earning a BSN and the evidence-based practice experience you get can transform your nursing practice.

Because they know that accredited RN to BSN programs provide students the comprehensive education required for this demanding field. Accreditation tells employers that your BSN training is thorough, relevant and aligned with current professional standards.

When accreditors evaluate a degree program, they also look out for students academically. They confirm that professors are qualified for the courses they teach, and that the curriculum is appropriate. They measure program quality by other standards as well, including graduation rates and the number of graduates finding jobs in their degree field.

Each school has different requirements and guidelines, but practice experiences for the BSN degree give you the chance to explore a specific area of nursing that meets your interests. Practice experiences at EMU are population-focused, meaning they address patients and their health needs or issues. This allows online RN to BSN students to initiate projects that look at health and wellness from a variety of angles.

Burning Glass Technologies predicts even higher job growth for BSN RNs in particular through 2026, at 16% based on nationwide job market data. Demand for BSN-prepared nurses in emergency and intensive care is most acute according to the job data analytics firm, but there is also great need in other types of advanced patient care and in patient education.

While your experience, location and job duties also determine your earning capacity, BSN RNs do often make more than ADN- and diploma-trained nurses. ZipRecruiter salary data from May 2019 demonstrates the difference. The average salary for all RNs is $68,438 while BSN RNs are averaging $81,832 per year. Many BSN nurses earn more, however, especially when they move into leadership or management roles.

As HealthLeaders media also points out, having BSN nurses on staff benefits employers too. BSN RNs contribute to lower readmission rates, better infection control, and other cost-saving innovations that can reduce risk and liability.

This is just a fraction of the mounting evidence in favor of hiring BSN-prepared nurses. Two additional years of nursing education really pays off for RNs and their patients, and it also benefits healthcare employers.

Many hospitals and healthcare systems also prioritize the BSN because they are working toward Magnet designation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). This honor is reserved for care facilities and systems that meet the highest standards in nursing. To earn a Magnet designation, 100% of nurse managers and leaders and 80% of RNs in an organization must have a BSN or higher degree.

National nursing recruiter AMN Healthcare also argues that even employers striving to meet the 80% BSN RN goal by as late as 2030 must accelerate their efforts. AMN cites research and data models presented at the 2018 meeting of the American Organization of Nurse Executives, showing that a much stronger emphasis on BSN completion is critical for employers who want to meet the goal. Barriers to the degree should also be eliminated, AMN notes, by offering experienced nurses good tuition reimbursement and flexible study policies when they go back to school.

BSN RNs have the advantage when it comes to hiring and promotion in mostnursing specialties, including the popular ones below. Healthcare employersrely on BSN nurses for their critical thinking skills and ability to handlecomplex challenges across the spectrum.

Many types of nursing management and leadership positions now require a BSN. The degree is becoming a must for RNs who want to move up the career ladder. The examples below feature salary data from PayScale that also illustrates the financial benefits associated with earning this degree.

Burning Glass Technologies location data for May 2018-April 2019 offers a snapshot of the ongoing demand for BSN RNs across the nation, highlighting areas where the supply of nurses is not meeting the needs of local residents.

According to the data, the following counties offer excellent opportunities for online RN to BSN graduates. Healthcare employers have more difficulty hiring qualified BSN nurses in these locations compared to other areas of the country, based on national recruiting data.

Many employers competing for qualified RNs are definitely using this type of incentive toattract nurses at all levels of training. BSN RNs are in the best position to benefit from signing bonusesand other recruiting perks, however. Demand for their services is substantially higher, and they are alsoeligible for a wider range of nursing specialty and management positions.

Costs can vary widely between nursing schools, so it pays to do your research. A quick look at online RN to BSN tuition at institutions in Michigan and Ohio demonstrates the range students pay by credit hour and by course.

Like on-campus students, online students must attend an accredited college or university to receive state and federal financial aid. Eligibility is also determined by your income and the total cost of your RN to BSN degree program. Students can qualify for grants, scholarships and loans during the financial aid award process. The U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has loan and scholarship programs for students in the healthcare professions as well.

EMU students may also qualify for opportunities available through the Michigan Center for Nursing. The organization maintains a scholarship list just for nurses that features application deadlines and other key details. Some funding opportunities are even tied to your current RN specialty or career plans, such as the Emergency Nurses Association scholarship program.

Some RNs like to study between shifts, on meal breaks or in small increments during the work day. Others prefer to study on their days off, when they have larger blocks of time to get reading and assignments done. If you have kids or a house filled with family members, your favorite study time might be early mornings or late nights, when the roost is quiet. With an online nursing degree, you can do whatever works for you.

For every hour of course credit you take, give yourself 3-5 hours of study time per week. Thatincludes working in your course online, and the time you spend on assigned readings, projects or other tasks.

Absolutely. One of the best things about online RN to BSN courses is that students from allage groups and nursing backgrounds are working toward the same goal. They have the opportunity to learn fromeach other as well by sharing knowledge and experiences.

Yes. EMU and other schools that offer 100% online RN to BSN programs also provide tech support. If you experience a problem with an online course at EMU, 24-hour support is available by calling 844-326-6322 or emailing [email protected]. The IT Help Desk also assists EMU students with email issues and provides self-study tutorials on computer security and other topics.

Campus writing centers are the go-to source for most online students who need help with papers. Many colleges and universities offer this service, including Eastern Michigan. The University Writing Center provides EMU nursing students with written feedback 24-48 hours after their paper or writing assignment is uploaded to the online portal.

In most cases, you can. Colleges and universities of all sizes now share their library collections online. Many even have resources tailor-made for students who need to study when the library is closed.

The RN to BSN online program from Eastern Michigan University gives you the clinical reasoning and leadership skills to thrive in the evolving health care sector. With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing - prepared Registered Nurses are in demand more than ever before, our experienced faculty prepares graduates to think differently about their roles in patient care.

Our well-rounded curriculum is designed to give you a fine-tuned understanding of the cultural, political, economic and social issues that affect patients and influence care delivery. In this RN to BSN online program at Eastern Michigan University, current nurses will expand their leadership and advocacy skills, learn how to apply evidence-based research, and gain a foundation for systems-thinking and quality improvement processes. 041b061a72


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