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How to Download and Play RaceRoom Racing Experience in VR Mode

Think you can compete? Get Real Mode offers real race simulation and a challenge suited for even the most experienced drivers. No driving assists are available and tire wear and damage become major factors while racing. Get Real mode is best suited for wheels and gamepads.

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Experience unparalleled realism and racing excitement. Become enthralled by detailed graphics and realistic car physics, matched with industry leading sounds to experience a new dimension of race gaming on the PC.

Few sounds are as moving as those of a finely tuned race engine at full throttle while tearing across the blacktop. Experience the pure and exhilarating auditory pleasures of motorsport as they have been recreated for you by one of the most talented sound engineers in the industry. Turn up the throttle and experience exciting original racing sound on your PC.

Any car in a Championship race may be forced to carry additional weight. The balance of performance weights are assigned as specified by the Sporting Regulations of each race series according to the previous race results. Be prepared to step up your gameplay should you have a pile of tungsten ballast blocks at your feet and experience even more intense racing on your PC.

Another one of the experiences it can offer is driving fast and furious vehicles without worrying about taking any damage. Luckily, Meta Quest 2 offers a variety of racing games that are just too good to miss. Here are some of the best of these titles that will take gamers' VR experience to the next level.

Updated May 31, 2023 by Ritwik Mitra:VR is a unique platform where players can totally immerse themselves in a wealth of unique gaming genres. Gamers totally engrossed as they place themselves within immersive virtual worlds that are full to the brim with amazing experiences that are a blast to engage with. One particular area where VR gaming has been quite successful is in the racing genre. Translating the gameplay of driving a car (or any other vehicle) meshes really well with the added immersion of VR. Players who own the Meta Quest 2 should definitely check out the following racing games, where they're bound to have a great time.

An arcade racing game that encourages players to blow up their opponents on the road to victory, BlazeRush is a fun title that fans of chaotic driving experiences should check out. The game can get messy at times, but that's just part of the title's charm.

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As the name suggests, Drift Club encourages players to skid around the track in a bid to earn as many coins as possible. The gameplay is simplistic, but players who just want to burn some rubber without getting into a hardcore racing experience will find Drift Club to be right up their alley.

While the content in this game can be lacking at times, the rest of the experience is pretty engaging. Fans of unique racing games should definitely give Drift Club a shot. It's unique in that it relies on the drifting mechanic, designing its cars and tracks around this gameplay element to great effect.

Assetto Corsa is also a racing simulator and is incredibly realistic in terms of gameplay. Players can hop onto this game using a link cable and enjoy a breathtaking racing experience. Although, playing it without a steering wheel isn't recommended.

Like iRacing, Live for Speed is a realistic racing experience mainly made for online play. However, what sets it apart is that players can enjoy it in single-player with artificial intelligence rivals. It is also free to play, which means anyone can download and try it using a link cable on their Quest 2.

The racing simulation called Raceroom Racing Experience is still a DX9 title and runs totally fine on a monitor. I recently got my first VR headset, a Rift S. I upgraded my video card from a RX580 to a 5700XT. The difference between them in not really noticeable in this game in VR. It's a pretty bad experience with either one. I guess it's more CPU bound and if I understand correctly single core bound due to being DX9. I'm running a Ryzen 7 1700 @3.9GHz and I would think that's enough to run such a title especially since it runs just fine on a monitor with highest settings, but in VR it just seems underutilized and lacking all around. I would think that since in VR you're pushing two displays that it would be taxing the GPU more but that doesn't seem to be the case. I would like to understand why this is running so poorly, and if something can be done about it.

I've had some track experiences as well but it was about 10 years ago. Drove a 430 Scuderia and a Murcielago, and also did a ride-along with a pro driver doing 60mph drifts in a Corvette. I've been simracing off and on for probably about 15 years, longer, depending on what old titles you count lol. Got my first wheel 20 years ago. I think it had some bungee cord to simulate ffb lol. I just have a G27 right now but it does quite well. I plan on building a cockpit and after that upgrading the gear.

Racing, or driving games, are perfectly suited to the VR experience. Combined with a wheel and pedal setup, it offers the perfect escape from the real world, alongside providing the speed, adrenaline, and excitement that comes with racing.

For that reason, there are various games on the market, some of which offer a more arcade-style racing experience such as Madalin Stunt Cars 3, and others that are designed for world-class professional drivers to refine their skills off the track.

To define which are the best VR racing games, it is necessary to mention what was considered to create a list like this one. The player's immersive racing experiences are the most important thing, as well as the development of the game as a racing simulator. Another vital section for some fans of racing games is the multiplayer modes and story mode.

Having a multiplayer mode, Project Cars 2 allows you to create simulation experiences that go beyond the VR headset since a clear difference between the races is the AI, which cannot fully simulate a scenario with real competitors. In the VR racing game genre, another vital point is the accessories to generate the most realistic VR experience possible, so the compatibility and use of a steering wheel is a fantastic addition.

In Project Cars 2 the tracks are varied and maintain a good level of playability, racing games depend a lot on the tracks in order to create an experience that is pleasant, and fun. Having a track that is a challenge for your skills in each of the races it's fundamental. In Project Cars 2, the developer Slightly Mad Studios promise to keep these tracks challenging enough to keep you coming back again and again.

Something that this sequel hasn't kept and that costs it a place on this list is the fact that, unlike its predecessors, this game doesn't feature options that made the last game a racing sim favorite, options such as tire wear or fuel exhaustion. The lack of these options has a direct impact on the fact that there are no pit stops, something that in a racing simulation series and a video game that seeks to create a virtual reality experience is not seen as an acceptable decision.

Automobilista 2 is a racing simulation game created by Reiza Studios. This racing game seeks to provide the experience of a comprehensive simulation of the Brazilian motorsports scene, featuring the main Brazilian racing series, racetracks, and manufacturers.

By having more cars and tracks than its predecessor, Automobilista 2 seeks to generate the interest of VR users or the so-called sim racers. It makes this with prestigious brands as well as iconic places such as Brands Hatch, Mount Panorama, and Imola. Automobilista 2 also has a technical partnership with the developers of the award-winning Project CARS series, which is based on the MADNESS physics engine, which provides good graphic quality, as well as dynamic weather and track conditions systems for a more enjoyable experience, advanced racing simulation, and virtual reality support.

AutoMobilista 2 has a multiplayer rating system, official events, tools for custom modes, and a racing mode. It offers a catalog of varied locations, and cars of the most recognized and historic brands, mixed with an advanced simulation experience that takes into account less powerful systems, the game makes frequent updates that create one of the best VR world experiences in the racing sim genre.

Dash Dash World is a rapid pace, combat-focused multiplayer virtual reality kart racing game that competes directly against Mario Kart. Dash Dash World creates the same experience in a new environment and brings a breath of fresh air to the kart genre. In it, like most games, you can customize the color of your car and start accelerating around a wide selection of tracks full of obstacles and hidden shortcuts.

In this VR world with arcade style gameplay, combat is the order of the day, you can use one or two weapons at the same time. It is also compatible with a steering wheel, which increases the immersion factor with force feedback, helping to maximize the VR racing experience. Despite support for a simulation experience, Dash Dash World doesn't give up on casual gameplay, so it features a rest option that simplifies controls, plus it's a great way to play in tight spaces.

The developer Motionx Studio took a social approach at Dash Dash World, allowing an eight player online matchmaking experience, in which you can express yourself and be yourself during the races by sending personalized emoticons and using the personalized sound of your kart car. You can even taunt your opponents at the finish line. Unlike other racing games, you can customize both your driver as well as the car, a virtual avatar that expresses your personality and your achievements during the events that are offered.

RaceRoom Racing Experience is a free-to-play racing simulator. It aims to provide an authentic racing experience by being able to support VR through detailed cars and tracks, as well as realistic car behavior and sounds. This driving experience is supported by an impressive range of racing cars. This includes DTM cars with their downforce and low lines, as well as the high technology of F1, or the WTCC.


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